Special Olympics

My daughter went to Special Olympics basketball practice. Everytime I go to a Special Olympics practice, my heart weeps. They had high school students, being supervised by adults, working one-on-one with these kids. Some of the students had obviously done this before; some were new.

As a Mom of a special needs child, my heart weeps in deep gratitude for those who willingly choose to work with these kids. If it wouldn’t be so disturbing, I’d probably just have a good cry session right there, but people would freak out, so I hold it together.

It’s just that … there’s so much with a special needs child. So much. So many battles with schools and specialists and people and so many other things. It’s just so big. But in this environment, there is no battle. No fight. No having to explain anything.

Then there are the other parents. Tonight another Mom shared her heart-wrenching story with me. I gave her my email address so she could contact me regarding navigating the special education services with the school district.

The least of these … oh, how God loves these kids! Nothing is easy in their lives or the lives of their parents and families. We sacrifice a lot, willingly, for our kids. Our whole lifestyles and life-choices are affected. It’s hard to explain that. So when we’re in an environment where we don’t have to … it’s huge.

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