Parents, NOT Teachers.

Share This With All the Schools, Please, came up on my facebook feed.

I think it’s really cool what this teacher is doing. My sister teaches 5th grade and has done something similar for years.

I’m not too thrilled with how the author ended this piece, though.  She wrote:

TEACH ON, WARRIORS. You are the first responders, the front line, the disconnection detectives, and the best and ONLY hope we’ve got for a better world. What you do in those classrooms when no one  is watching-  it’s our best hope.

Teachers- you’ve got a million parents behind you whispering together: “We don’t care about the damn standardized tests. We only care that you teach our children to be Brave and Kind. And we thank you. We thank you for saving lives.”

Parents should be, “the first responders, the front line, the disconnection detectives.”

And Salvation through Jesus Christ, the one and only Living Son of the one and only Living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, IS “the best and ONLY hope we’ve got for a better world.”

She’s absolutely right that I don’t care at all for Standardized Tests – those can be ditched and burned, yesterday.

But if I’m sending my child to school, any school, I hope they know that teaching them to be “Brave and Kind” is primarily my responsibility as their parent – though, as a society, adults should all be role models for bravery and kindness, including teachers.

However, it is certainly and by far not the “only” thing I care that they are being taught in school. I want my kids to be taught how to read and to love to read … to be taught math … science … accurate history … arts … athletics … with enough passion to stir within them at least an affinity for these subjects and not a hate.

Shame on parents for dumping their responsibility for their children on the schools (and church).