2 thoughts on “Matt Walsh Causes a Stir

  1. Well, with 1000+ comments in just about two days, many of them negative, I’d say he’s under more pressure than Yanukovich was. It’s like a virtual Maidan over there.

  2. I love Matt’s blog. He is incredibly insightful and unapologetic and ties himself to scripture, regardless of external pressures to conform to some extra-biblical ideal (Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, MRA, Feminist).

    I’ve been working through respect & submission to my husband for quite some time. Some days, its much harder (the days I disagree!) No, seriously… I have gotten better even when in disagreement. But like my relationship with Christ, there is grace.

    I have made no secret of my standing on this part of scripture, but my friends keep disparaging “submission” with some bizarre idea of what it really means. Submission means not being “feisty” (I’m guessing they mean challenging their decisions? I’m not convinced that’s not submission… if she refuses to go along with a decision and the H backs down, than that’s crossing the line, but presenting an argument for an alternative choice is not failure to submit… its being a help-meet and partner), submission means doing the laundry when told (sure it does, but failure to do it does not automatically imply lack of submission), and then you have SSM throwing around the word inferior when talking about it.

    Oftentimes, you don’t know where to start… but Matt did a great job. And commentor Daniel is also doing a great job.

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