Back for a Short While

I’ve been out of pocket due to my work schedule. But this was too good to pass up. Home run for Vox.

In the comments section, I found this, which was gold.

If you let yourself become distracted by what is coming from her mouth, you miss all that is revealed in her face, which tells the whole, and very different story. A month after the abortion — with the dramatic change in hairstyle that so many women effect when emotions are high and they need to feel in control of something — watch Emily, then. The light is gone from her eyes. The seeming disconnect between pc-fed head and instinctive heart is laid out in breathtaking and stark incongruity, even down to the shadows, the blue note, the lack of energy. Devastating. Cognizant of it or not, she is a mother in grief.

Yes, the picture is priceless.

One thought on “Back for a Short While

  1. i agree.

    no matter how hard she tries, a woman cannot escape killing her own baby.

    i have known men who found out they had a girlfriend who aborted their baby, and it crushed them (not going into he shoulda thought of that b4 sex).

    i know a woman who confessed to her abortion – that she and her husband chose before they married – and then the church has allowed her to be almost praised for it. i cannot even go there. c.a.n.n.o.t..g.o..t.h.e.r.e.

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