At War with Christians

Dr. Robert L. Wise has written a post titled, Disappearing Christians.

The conservative, fundamentalist Muslims consider themselves to be at war with Christians and Western values. Not to pay attention to the facts is to risk being devastated –just as the Middle Eastern Christian are today.

What did you think reading his post?





2 thoughts on “At War with Christians

  1. We have spent too much time going to bat for Jews in Israel, and not enough time going to bat for Christians in Islamic countries.

    Our war in Iraq has had the unintended consequences of stoking backlash against Christians. The mullahcracy in Iran has declared open season on Christians. Our support of Palestinians has come without any conditions regarding the treatment of religious minorities, particularly Christians. Our support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has made life hellish for Christians. Ditto for Syria.

    So, in a nutshell, American policy is a large part of the problem.

    • i try to get a glimpse of the bigger picture of what God sees. i can only get a tiny glimpse, but it’s not pretty. we’ve kind of bubbled ourselves in over here, but it’s catching up. we think it could never happen to us, but it is, and it will get worse.

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