6 thoughts on “Pastor’s Wife Hires Body Double, Skips Church for 2 Years

  1. A shame she felt the need to hire someone. She could have just shown a little courage and NOT attended. But then that might cut into her income as the husband/wife pastor team.

    For most of these people, it really is just a business.

  2. in the early years of our marriage, my first husband and i went to visit his parents in the country where they were missionaries and he grew up. we went to the church his parents were pastoring at the time. after the service someone came up to his mother and asked why i looked bored (i tried really hard not to look bored, but i guess i failed). she told them i didn’t know the language. i had sat there for over an hour with everyone watching me. it was okay for one sunday, but i’d hate it to be an all-the-time thing. i don’t like being on display.

    • The problem is many folks in the Baptist world tend to think that the job of the wife in a church is to “be on display”. And for a pastor’s wife, or the wife of someone related to a pastor, that is what ends up being the case.

      That goes back to what you said about it being a business for most of these people.

      • they were always on display … so were their kids. so when i married in, i was on display, too, when i was around his parents.

        i think there are some pastor families who choose not to wear this role, and they’re much better for it. but it’s not easy.

        what his parents chose, instead, was to live a double life. they were one person in public, and a totally different person when the doors were closed.

  3. That’s hilarious. You wonder how the husband could not know. Is the story real? $10,000 for two years of Sundays. OK for a side gig.

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