10 thoughts on “The Burger King Employee of the Year

  1. I saw that video yesterday. To say she went overboard would be an understatement. She definitely didn’t do anything to help the abortion rights cause – or Burger King.

    • Their products are off my diet for other reasons, but this will give me even more incentive to stay away.

  2. She was right. the guy with the camera was a misogynist F*&K. Se how he objectified her my keeping her massive boobs in the field of view of his camera? The poor little flower must be traumatized.

    My guess is the police let her go after giving her a card referring her to victims assistance.

  3. And the BK Proud is just one store location. BK is a franchise operation with lots of independent owners. this is not a corporate HQ policy. No need to avoid them.

    Making fatty fried foods though is a corporate policy, so go right ahead and avoid them for that.

    • I’m just not a big fan of most fast food. If I’m finishing up a big workout, I’ll sometimes frequent Wendy’s and get a large chili and small chocolate frosty (adds up to about 600 calories, with a fair amount of protein).

      Other times, I’ll hit starbucks and get a smoothie and/or a black coffee. The smoothies have pretty good protein content.

      If I want to splurge, I’ll hit Panera and go for one of their salads.

      But McD and BK? Nah.

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