(un)Holy Toledo??? Comair 5191 Pilot Called Wrong Flight Number and Destination???

09/08/2006: The NTSB needs to get a better handle on its dissemination of information. Up until now, I thought Debbie Hersman had been doing a fabulous job keeping the public informed of the NTSB’s findings with respect to the Comair 5191 crash.

Now, however, a family member of one of the victims is indicating that NTSB officials told them that a crew member mentioned the wrong flight number and destination “before initiating takeoff”.

If this is a case of someone said-someone said, then the NTSB needs to shoot that down, and fast. Otherwise, the NTSB has some leveling to do with the public. I say that because, in the days after the crash, Debbie Hersman of the NTSB indicated that the crew received correct takeoff instructions and confirmed those instructions, before taking off on the wrong runway.
This is not a matter of rocket science.

If those instructions were clearly understood, then we are still dealing with a clear case of pilot error (due to perform pre-takeoff checklist).
At any rate, the NTSB has some damage control to do now.

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