The Gospel Coalition = Good Old Boys Network

The Gospel Coalition has become an embarrassment.

It’s all well and good to stand for sound doctrine, and we do that here, too.

But none of that is worth a used roll of toilet paper if you refuse to hold accountable those member churches–particularly their elders–who cover for abusers.

6 thoughts on “The Gospel Coalition = Good Old Boys Network

  1. The Gospel Coalition has been an embarrassment for quite some time. In May 2013 a number of TGC council members issued statements of support for C.J. Mahaney, who was still a council member at that time, following a Maryland judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit accusing Mahaney and other defendants of covering up child sex abuse and discouraging parents from reporting said abuse to the authorities. As we know, the lawsuit’s dismissal wasn’t due to lack of merit but legal issues regarding the statute of limitations and jurisdictional questions.

    TGC recently published a blog post praising Spotlight, a film about journalists covering the child sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church. Quite a few folks, including yours truly, tried to post comments pointing out TGC’s hypocrisy in this matter only to have said comments rejected. Others commented at TGC’s Facebook page, only to see those comments get deleted. Evidently TGC’s leadership didn’t heed the modern-day saying about those who live in glass houses.

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