Setting the Standard

Deep Strength wrote a post titled The Headship Conversation. I love everything about this whole post.

“This conversation is not so much as a ‘discussion’ as it will be you telling her your vision for the relationship (in terms of Biblical standards) and finding out if she is on board. The leader of the relationship is the one who defines the vision, sets the tone, and leads by example. That is the calling of the husband.”

I would guess this would weed out a lot of women rather quickly.

2 thoughts on “Setting the Standard

  1. Yeah, that would send a lot of them running. Then again, that might attract a few.

    Women–for all their talk about egalitarianism–generally want a man who wears pants.

    A good friend of mine from middle school (I’m FB friends with her) says it this way: “There’s only one thing worse than a man you can’t control, and that’s a man you CAN control.”

    She’s married to an uber-Alpha.

    • I absolutely agree with your friend.

      I would think it would definitely attract the kind of women most men seem to want. I’m guessing you did something like this with Mrs. L as I know she knows she is the woman in your marriage, and *not* the man 🙂

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