TWW Potentially Steps in It

Here is what I am talking about.

According to the known facts:

(a) The youth pastor was downright reckless–or, worse, grooming the 16-year-old for a relationship–in speaking of his marital issues to the teen. (IMHO, the church should have fired him right then and there, but I can understand the case for not going that far. To their credit, they ordered him to stop.)

(b) The youth pastor, after heeding the warning for a season, resumed his reckless/grooming behavior, and pursued a relationship that became sexual in nature.

(c) The church, according to what is known, spoke to the youth pastor and promptly reported the matter to police once they became aware of it.

(d) The youth pastor is now serving ten years in prison.

Why am I suggesting that TWW may be going over the top? The headline–“Female teen was told by church to apologize to the wife of the *delusional* youth pastor who raped her.”

We do not know if that is true; that is merely what the teen’s mother said at the hearing. Right now, it is hearsay and has not been confirmed as a fact. The headline, however, suggests otherwise.

As far as we know, the church did an acceptable job handling the situation, as they made no attempt to cover for the youth pastor. They warned the pastor to knock it off before things had become sexual; when it became apparent that things had become sexual, they reported to the police.

The folks at TWW have rightly complained long and loud about churches whose leaders DO NOT report allegations to the police, and yet–in this case–the church DID report the matter and TWW is MAKING UP a reason to pile onto a church.

Ruth Tucker–because of her status as an “abused wife”–gets a free pass from TWW for covering up her husband’s sexual abuses, and yet a church that reported such matters gets accused–without tangible proof–of ordering a sexual abuse victim to apologize to her abuser?

Give me a flippin’ break, Dee.

One thought on “TWW Potentially Steps in It

  1. The false alternatives that satan love to present to people. Either X or Y which are both equally bad in truth. But either is made to seem better than the other.

    Both alternatives allure with grains of truth but with poison hidden ready to be ingested.

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