Student Tried to Induce Abortion, Charged With Attempted Murder

While 20-year-old Theophilus Washington ought to be charged with something for attempting to induce an involuntary abortion with his pregnant girlfriend, I find it ironic that he is being charged with attempted murder, given that our Supreme Court hath decreed that his girlfriend can legally have the baby killed in an abortion mill.

If she wants the baby and the baby dies through wanton or negligent acts of others, then it’s a degree of murder.

If she doesn’t want the baby, she can legally kill the baby and it’s totally ok.

This is not the first such example of inconsistency regarding the value of life in utero.

2 thoughts on “Student Tried to Induce Abortion, Charged With Attempted Murder

  1. I don’t find this ironic whatsoever. It doesn’t appear that she consented to this act of his giving her bleach to drink. She could have died. It looks like he was trying to kill her to solve his problem of him not wanting her to have the child. This article does not address whether or not she wanted to have child.

    • Sure it is irony. He attempted to kill the baby in utero. And yes, abortion is indeed in utero infanticide.

      The law allows her to pay a hit man to do it, but if he does, it is murder.


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