More Horse(bleep) From the GOP

09/30/2006: Anyone who wishes to defend the GOP is either stupid or naive. Anyone who defends the Party of Pederasty–it stopped being the Party of Reagan a long time ago–has all the moral authority of the Boston Archdiocese.

Where is GOP chief Ken Mehlman? Where is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist? Where is Bush? Why has no one demanded Dennis Hastert’s resignation?

Now, the three monkeys (apologies to Vox Day) are passing the buck.

Rodney Alexander (R-LA) is saying the parents of the page–a high school student who works at Congress–requested that he not pursue the matter.

Is that all it takes to ignore your civic duty? How does Alexander–or those parents–know that their son is the only one in question? And what does it say about them that they are willing to throw their own son under the bus to save a Congressman’s political career?

Alexander then handed the matter to Thomas Reynolds (R-NY). We have no idea what Reynolds did with the information.

John Shimkus (R-IL)–who is chairman of the Page Board–took Foley at his word, as Foley told him he was only mentoring the Page.

When a Congressman asks if a boy is “horny”, what the hell kind of “mentoring” is it? Does anyone in the GOP not have a B.S. detector?

Shimkus was aware of these matters last year. That means we know what he knew and when he knew it. Why was nothing done? Is a year long enough?

In the 1994 revolution, the GOP knocked off machine Democrats such as Mel Reynolds and Dan Rostenkowski. Reynolds was the sex criminal–pardoned by Clinton–who had sex with underage girls, even soliciting a threesome.

It was Congressmen like Reynolds who typified the corruption and perversion within the Democratic Party, which had long abandoned the country on family values. While the GOP had its share of extramarital failures–Burton, Livingston, Newt, Hyde, Chenoweth–none of them were child molesters like Reynolds.

Now, with Congressmen like Foley, the GOP is now in the same league as the old DNC.

And worse, this is not merely about Foley. This is an indictment of GOP leadership, who teamed up to cover this scandal.

Dennis Hastert claims he did not know about the allegations, but the oversight of the investigation–coverup and all–happened on his watch. He created the culture that fomented this level of decadence. The best thing Hastert can do is resign.

Forget November; this is about the heart and soul of American leadership. While the DNC abandoned all semblance of support for family values in the 1960s, the GOP had long fashioned itself as the family values party. This was a large part of the Reagan Presidency, and the GOP Revolution of 1994, and even the Bush victories over Gore and Kerry.

Now, the GOP has effectively said, “F*** you!” to Christian conservatives, as they covered up Foleygate in their efforts to win an election.

Piss on the whole lot of them.

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