Reynolds Nails It

I’ve long had a theory about Donald Trump and his use of Twitter: he uses it as a smokescreen. The left, particularly MSM, complains of his reactions to issues via Twitter, and Hillary Clinton, in her campaign, suggested that his temperament is not up to the office, given that he “can be baited by a Tweet”.

I’ve often observed that yes, there is baiting going on between Trump and his opposition. The real issue, however is, who is baiting whom?

Personally, I think Trump’s use of Twitter–and the fracas over his Press Secretary’s statements about inaugural crowd sizes–is an orchestrated deflection away from the debate over Trump’s cabinet confirmations. By creating such diversions, his most controversial picks–like Betsy DeVos (Education) and Ben Carson (HUD) and Rick Perry (Energy)–will likely get confirmed with minimal fight.

At the same time, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has an appropriate take on Trump’s larger relationship with the media.

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