Gospel for Asia in Hot Water: Suit Not Dismissed

And to that, I say good.

If Gospel for Asia (GFA) committed fraud–an allegation that has yet to be established in court but seems to have veracity–then they should pay big-time.

While I’m not a big fan of Warren Throckmorton–he has his own left-leaning agenda–he is, to his credit, providing some good reporting that merits mention here.

As I said last February, the larger issue in this is not GFA, but rather the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Many churches and parachurch groups have relied on the ECFA as a credibility stamp: they use the ECFA credential to show would-be donors that they are honest and transparent.

If the ECFA was in bed with GFA–i.e., complicit in covering for them–then this will result in a big shakeup in the larger Christian community.

One thought on “Gospel for Asia in Hot Water: Suit Not Dismissed

  1. God often uses the wrong people for the right reasons. Judgment always begins in the house of God but also spreads out from there too.

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