Why am I So Angry at the GOP

09/30/2006: First, a few things about my bona fides.

I am a lifelong God-and-country Reagan conservative. I was never able to vote for him–I was too young in both 1980 and 1984–I am a true blue member of that Reagan revolution. My conservatism played heavily in my choice of college (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), major (aeronautical engineering), and career path (It was my intention to pursue a military career–the medical exam precluded me, however). I am a hardcore anti-totalitarian.

My social politics are libertarian, except for my pro-life stance on abortion. I am all for gun control–which I define as tactical excellence.

Ergo, in national elections, I have voted Republican the vast majority of the time. Even when the GOP candidates have often been less then desirable, they have been more desirable next to the DNC alternatives.

Now, they are equally repugnant.

The DNC is the party of communism, feminism, atheism, and mass murder. For most of the last 30 years, Americans could count on the GOP–for all their faults–to support traditional values, strong defense, and tough law-and-order approaches to dangerous criminals.

Unfortunately, at some point in the past decade, the GOP leadership embraced the old Country Club mentality with all the corruption that goes with it. Only they took it to a new low.

In their quest to win elections, the GOP leadership has protected pedophile Mark Foley (R-FL), who sent sexually-explicit messages to a high school student working as a page.

The DNC is no stranger to lurid scandals, as the Mel Reynolds teen sex scandal and Ted Kennedy Chappquiddick case prove.

So where is Ken Mehlman? What will be his election ad? “Sure, we harbor pedophiles, but we are better on national security!”?

Where is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist? He calls himself a Christian? Would Jesus remain mum on this issue, when in fact He admonished His disciples about not harming children?

Where is President Bush? Why is he not taking the high road on this? While many would insist that this is a House issue and not a White House issue, Bush needs to take the lead and use the bully pulpit to whip his party into returning to its traditional values roots.

That means purging pedophiles–and their protectors–out of Congress.

This is not merely about Mark Foley; in fact, FoleyGate reveals the systemic corruption within the ranks of Republican party leadership. There are no true leaders among Republicans. As a result, the party has lost the moral compass that made it great.

Over the past six years, the GOP has abandoned its smaller government ideals, increased spending in ways that make FDR look prudent, refused to tackle critical issues, and now they protect child molesters.

I never worry about the antics of the DNC; they don’t do things that are unexpected. We all know Howard Dean is a nutbrain and John Kerry sucks up to Jacques Chirac.

But for the GOP to coddle pedophiles? That is unbecoming of a true conservative.

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