3 thoughts on “Fuque France

  1. for these kinds of things … my first husband HATED france – didn’t even want to fly over their airspace when in the area. (irony, i know. but still true; almost everyone has redeeming qualities).

  2. I think ever since the secular leftist French Revolution where they preached the utopian ideals of egalitie,fraternity and libertie. France is the most anti-christian society to exist. I pray to God that she repent and turn back to him.

  3. TOO funny for words — French Leftists have already imported Muslim ‘refugees’ into their country, now they legislate laws into place that prohibit anyone from disagreeing with their wish to eradicate the native French population.
    I just thought of a question: will the French legal system have the courage to prosecute a nonwhite conservative ‘refugee’ who sets up a website that calls for nonwhite, non-native women to not abort their babies?

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