Foley Aide Claims He Notified Hastert 3 Years Ago

10/04/2006: Every minute Hastert remains the Speaker, he remains the lightning rod for all that went wrong in FoleyGate.

Now, we have a report that a former Foley aide alerted Hastert’s aides about Foley’s behavior.

Hastert claims he didn’t know about this until now–and that may be true. But this happened on his watch.

This is a matter of honor. He needs to resign as Speaker. The buck stops with him, and he must accept the blame.

The larger issue is this: FoleyGate is representative of everything that the GOP has allowed to get out of control in their 12 years in control of the House.

The Party of Reagan–which once promoted the Balanced Budget Amendment and gave Clinton line-item veto authority–has been spending like Michael Jackson on steroids over the last six years.
The Party of Reagan has become the Grand Old Pederasts.

Hastert needs to start fomenting real change. The best way for him to do that is resign his post.

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