Davey Blackburn and the Murder of Amanda Blackburn

FWIW, I initially suspected that Davey Blackburn, youth pastor of Resonate Church in Indianapolis, murdered his wife, Amanda Blackburn. He was at the gym, she was shot, he returned to find a dead wife, yeah…I was cynical. I have seen that scenario before, and usually the husband is guilty.

But according to the evidence we have on record, that is not the case: Amanda Blackburn, and her unborn child, were killed by two thugs who were on a violent spree that left at least one other person dead.

On that front, unless someone has some really high bombshell evidence that destroys the state’s case, Davey Blackburn is innocent of murder.

To that issue, I think Amy Smith of Watch Keep, whose blog I enjoy reading, is reaching way too hard.

OTOH, she is absolutely correct in pointing out Blackburn’s subsequent actions, which border on downright creepy. Check out the links for yourself.

I realize we all have our ways of coping with tragedy, and I don’t want to take anything away from Blackburn. What he experienced is one Hell of a loss. But from what I am seeing of his preaching before his wife’s murder, I must admit that I see a cause for concern.

Amy Smith is right: this certainly looks like “grooming.” And his actions after the fact do not resonate with me as being consistent with a man who is grieving over the loss of his wife.

If MrsLarijani were killed in such a way, let’s just say the bad guys had better hope the cops caught them before Pilgrim and I did. I would not be calling my wife’s death “serendipitous”, and I sure as Hell would not be writing books or doing speaking engagements. In fact, I would be focused on raising Abigail, getting business done at the office, and busting my ass for my next endurance event. I would NOT be granting interviews, that’s for damn sure.

Blackburn’s actions tend to raise no small number of red flags. He’s innocent of murder, but there is something totally off-kilter in his case.

I would not want him within 50 feet of a pulpit. And if I had kids who were youth age, I would not want them in his class.

44 thoughts on “Davey Blackburn and the Murder of Amanda Blackburn

  1. We are assured that as it is revealed in the beginning of Revelation. He is continuously pruning his church. Scandals and all manner of church declines and collapses is God in action. In fact God destroyed 5 of the 7 original churches in Asia Minor at the time.

    Judgment begins in the house of God. Believers are the 1st to get the rod but also those who are saved from the 2nd death.

    For judgment provides the impetus for repentance and martyrdom for the faithful.

    I’d say its quite a blessing that one can get legitimately hated by everyone for horrific sins but that person as a result seeks god in repentance. Saving his soul from the 2nd death.

    • Yep.

      Personally, I don’t know Blackburn. Like I said, I don’t want to take anything away from him: he suffered a horrible loss, and that is tragic.

      Having said that, Amy Smith is right: some of his conduct sets off a number of red flags.

      • Then what DO the red flags mean? I need some peace. I am supposed to love this guy ‘in the Lord’, because I call myself a christian. Every time I think of all that has happened, I cannot make sense of it; yet, I cannot say definitively that I think he is guilty.

        I would like to know why I can’t put this case down. It’s driving me crazy.

        • You can’t put the case down because Blackburn’s story, combined with his actions since the assault and murder of his wife and unborn child, don’t add up.

          Almost any rational person–which you are–is going to look at this and realize that it isn’t passing the smell test.

  2. The “string of burglaries” was the hitman and his friends waiting at the neighbor’s houses for the green light to kill Amanda. This was a hit, done by a young gang member. This is why there has to date been no “snithing” – snitching on who ordered the foot-soldier, at Davey’s behest. There may be even several snitch-proof levels between the parties. Davey. According to evidence there was a burner phone involved. It all seems very convenient.

    With the insurance payout, he’s become literally a different class of person – assistants, frequent glamorous travel, a McMansion. But the most damning evidence, beyond the financial and “brand” incentive, is that he monitored the forums that were discussing the murder and his probable involvement and covered his ass on his “blog”, point by point over the months following, immediately, sometimes the day after, each point was brought up. He’s now written a book btw.

    The problem is the Indy police were looking to catch some gang members. They likely acknowledge it as a hit privately and tacitly, they just don’t care to pursue it and that’s that. That’s the state of our corrupt system.

    Also it wouldn’t be the first time a narcissistic sociopath put a hit on his wife.

    • While that is quite feasible, I would also contend that Davey does not strike me as that intelligent. He definitely has charisma, but charisma and intelligence are not equivalent.

      Also, unless this is some sort of mob hit–and that would require LOTS of money and connections–these kinds of plots almost always unravel. Quickly. This is because, when authorities start tightening the vice grip on the balls of the guys who pulled the trigger, someone starts singing. They will sing because they have no incentive to take the fall.

      If this was a hit engineered by Mr. Blackburn, sooner or later someone is going to spill the beans.

      And if that happens, the whole world is going to come crashing down on him. Big-time. And if he did that, then I say it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

      • Not a “mob” hit, a standard pay-someone-poor situation. Hopefully one of the don’t snitch youth does come forward. However, with the prospect of life in prison it’s not likely, as the ease of one’s sentence in directly correlated to one’s “loyalty”.

        • As the great philosopher, G. Gordon Liddy, once said, “The only way you keep a secret among three people is if two of them are dead.”

          If the trigger was a “youth”, the chances of him spilling the beans is higher. He will run his mouth sooner or later, someone will be listening and tsking notes, and–eventually–a microphone will catch the details. Young people tend to be reckless.

          If Blackburn engineered it, they’ll get him. It is also possible that, if he is a suspect, that they are all but ready to pounce.

          • “If Blackburn engineered it, they’ll get him. It is also possible that, if he is a suspect, that they are all but ready to pounce.”

            Thank you, Amir. Now I can rest. I have had it with this case. I should go so that I can repent for some of the things that I have posted about this case. Sorry, Lord. Thy will be done.

    • 100% correct. I appreciate your intelligent post. It’s been obvious to me from the get-go that someone — and, in this case, it was the husband — was behind these thugs. An early morning home invasion of a nice, but not posh house? No. Then you watch the husband…I know a narcissist when I see one. The guy put a hit out on his wife, collected the dinero, and was off to the races.

      • The more I see of Blackburn’s behavior, the more he’s acting guilty.

        Sooner or later, he’ll get his. He’s a cunning bastard, but these guys always find a way to slip up.

    • You seem to have it right never did believe this was a random act he really did act like a narrcistic ass an who leaves the door unlocked when they go to the gym at 530 am with a pregnant wife an baby in the house. Wish her family would pursue it now he’s remarried lots of insurance money to spend an his smiley self have the idiots of society under his spell wake up indianna police investigate .

      • From some people I know who are following this closely, the police are still investigating. They are just keeping things close to the vest.

        If he masterminded this, then sooner or later, it is going to catch up to him.

        Sooner or later, someone is going to spill the beans.

  3. The “spree” may have been some sort of gang initiation. Amanda’s murder being the coup de grace. But someone told them to go to her house, specifically. Who on earth would hate her that much, her only peers were in her church and there’s no evidence of any conflicts there.

    What she does have is a husband with a fame wish and a new steroid body, who’s done work in the “underprivileged” areas of town, in the very school that the killers attended. 2+2.

    • If he was behind that, then I look forward to enjoying the proverbial popcorn as he gets his comeuppance. That steroid body won’t do him a bit of good in prison. There will always be tougher guys, thugs who would kill you and then sit down and have a drink and then go out and get laid.

      If he was behind the murder, he’ll get found out. Unless you’re with the Teamsters–who have successfully made Jimmy Hoffa disappear–or with a state power that has the ability to “disappear” people, you’ll get caught.

      And if Davey gets busted, I will personally give Amy Smith a gift certificate, because she was on his trail from day one.

      • Call me sentimental or being too soft. But I darn hope he has adequate access to the Gospel and to the right pastors in prison. So that he has a chance of saving his soul.

        • You are sentimental. This guy is a stone-cold sociopath. He already has daily exposure to the Gospel. He is incapable of remorse. No matter what evidence is presented against him, he will deny, deny, deny. Even if he is tried, found guilty, and sent to prison for life, he will maintain his innocence and cultivate a following behind bars, Read about Jeffrey MacDonald, who murdered his pregnant wife and two little girls. He STILL claims he is innocent. Sociopaths never retreat,

      • I mention the steroid body because steroids can mess w your mind too. If indeed he was behind the hit(which from all angles it looks to be – not a robbery) he would have needed to reach a certain mental state to go through with it, the coverup, etc. The steroids may have given him that edge. He really does start to look like a new person shortly before the murder and in the year since, seems to have aged about 10 years in spite of his (admittedly)charmed life. It’s all out there. Amy Smith isn’t the only one who noticed. The thing is, when a police department decides they want to make an example of someone while turning a blind eye to the real crime, there’s nothing any blogger can do about it. The entire scene was cleaned up by people Davey hired the next day. There’s no way there was a thorough forensic investigation, based on that alone.

      • Yep I felt the same way like where are the brains of the indianna police heads up their rear or are they doing an investigation if not they should

  4. Nothing profound to contribute. Just have not been able to reconcile the whole thing. The ‘serendipity’ thing before Amanda was even dead (wasn’t that a hash tag or something that DB set up or something like that?). The behavior, who acts like that–I know there is shock and all that, but he had this look like he had stolen cookies that he wasn’t supposed to have, ate them, and could barely look you in the eye—his eyelids were not fully open. Just something was so off. I hope I am completely wrong, I really do then I will have to do a complete overhaul on my discernment, which is troubling in itself.

  5. So – she seems go by Kristi Burroughs more so than Monroy……..I found this by doing some digging on the internet

    Also – I didn’t put it together until I saw a photo of her daughter…but I definitely interacted with them at Chick-Fil-A a couple of months ago.

    He put his son in the play area while he sat on his phone in a booth nearby. She showed up – put her daughter in the play area, also.

    The little girl was a doll. Both kids were adorable and I sat in the play area chatting with them while my daughter played.

    However…Kristi and Davey DID NOT look happy.

    Just kind of crazy that I didn’t put it all together until I saw the photos of them.

  6. Why not put him to death?

    If he gets busted, that might be on the table. From what I’ve been following, the police have not closed this case. And Davey is far from in the clear.

    If Davey was behind it, the truth will come out, given sufficient time.

    And there is no statute of limitations for murder.

    • Proper due process is important. Perhaps he will truly repent on the verge of death. Every soul lost to hell is a pity but just.

    • Drury’s FB post is simply relaying what Blackburn told him to relay. At the time, it is possible that he did not know the particular details of Amanda’s injuries, because it is possible that police had not revealed certain details because he was a person of interest at the time and could potentially give himself away.

      In other words, that post does not necessarily provide an insight one way or another. Blackburn could have been fibbing at the time, or he could have been in the dark. I don’t think it lets him off the hook by any means.

  7. “You know you stepped on a raw nerve when the troll-gallery clamps up tighter than a puckered asshole until the hive-brain can devise a workable lie around it and RELAY the updated narrative back down to the appendages.”

    • In this case, I think Davey is going to have a problem. He recently bailed from his church, pretty much taking all the money with him. The church basically shut down after that.

      This is a train wreck in progress.

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