Davey Blackburn and the Murder of Amanda Blackburn

FWIW, I initially suspected that Davey Blackburn, youth pastor of Resonate Church in Indianapolis, murdered his wife, Amanda Blackburn. He was at the gym, she was shot, he returned to find a dead wife, yeah…I was cynical. I have seen that scenario before, and usually the husband is guilty.

But according to the evidence we have on record, that is not the case: Amanda Blackburn, and her unborn child, were killed by two thugs who were on a violent spree that left at least one other person dead.

On that front, unless someone has some really high bombshell evidence that destroys the state’s case, Davey Blackburn is innocent of murder.

To that issue, I think Amy Smith of Watch Keep, whose blog I enjoy reading, is reaching way too hard.

OTOH, she is absolutely correct in pointing out Blackburn’s subsequent actions, which border on downright creepy. Check out the links for yourself.

I realize we all have our ways of coping with tragedy, and I don’t want to take anything away from Blackburn. What he experienced is one Hell of a loss. But from what I am seeing of his preaching before his wife’s murder, I must admit that I see a cause for concern.

Amy Smith is right: this certainly looks like “grooming.” And his actions after the fact do not resonate with me as being consistent with a man who is grieving over the loss of his wife.

If MrsLarijani were killed in such a way, let’s just say the bad guys had better hope the cops caught them before Pilgrim and I did. I would not be calling my wife’s death “serendipitous”, and I sure as Hell would not be writing books or doing speaking engagements. In fact, I would be focused on raising Abigail, getting business done at the office, and busting my ass for my next endurance event. I would NOT be granting interviews, that’s for damn sure.

Blackburn’s actions tend to raise no small number of red flags. He’s innocent of murder, but there is something totally off-kilter in his case.

I would not want him within 50 feet of a pulpit. And if I had kids who were youth age, I would not want them in his class.

2 thoughts on “Davey Blackburn and the Murder of Amanda Blackburn

  1. We are assured that as it is revealed in the beginning of Revelation. He is continuously pruning his church. Scandals and all manner of church declines and collapses is God in action. In fact God destroyed 5 of the 7 original churches in Asia Minor at the time.

    Judgment begins in the house of God. Believers are the 1st to get the rod but also those who are saved from the 2nd death.

    For judgment provides the impetus for repentance and martyrdom for the faithful.

    I’d say its quite a blessing that one can get legitimately hated by everyone for horrific sins but that person as a result seeks god in repentance. Saving his soul from the 2nd death.

    • Yep.

      Personally, I don’t know Blackburn. Like I said, I don’t want to take anything away from him: he suffered a horrible loss, and that is tragic.

      Having said that, Amy Smith is right: some of his conduct sets off a number of red flags.

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