7 thoughts on “Get Out the Flamethrower

  1. No other conclusion other than a thorough investigation,capture,trial and execution with a limited window prior to execution to beg for his soul to god and having access to a pastor for his final rites.

  2. I made the mistake of reading that article just before bedtime last night. I had great difficulty going to sleep afterward.

    Something is seriously wrong in the church when ministers and other leaders face a greater possibility of punishment for abusing prescription painkillers or accessing porn on their office computers than they face for covering up child sex abuse cases.

    • Yes. I was thinking exactly that.

      That Son of Belial–Ketcham–was caught in several instances, engaging in flagrant immoralities (particularly adultery), going back to his days in medical school. But they let him skate at every turn, even as they dismissed others for petty matters.

      And when Kim first reported Ketcham’s abuses, the ABWE’s response was pure CYA. So basically, they KNOWINGLY allowed a predator to remain in their midst, all while expelling other missionaries for light offenses.

      If I were that pastor and Kim told me about Ketcham, my moral dilemma would be what to do with Ketcham’s body when I was done.

        • From what I have read about this case, it is likely a case of sins getting passed from generation to generation. If the Pii investigative report is correct, then Ketcham’s father was quite the womanizer.

          Donn Ketcham was sexually licentious going back to his days in high school. It does not appear that he had any boundaries, or that he made any effort to rein them in.

          My guess is that he allowed his lusts to run uncontrolled for so long that he eventually started experimenting on children.

          I’ve seen another case of that: in MrsLarijani’s old church, there was a man who had a longstanding porn addiction. Eventually, he started feeling up his daughter. The wife demanded that he turn himself into the pastor, as she wanted the church to handle it in-house.

          The pastor, however, did the right thing: he demanded, right then and there, that he report himself to the cops or face immediate excommunication proceedings. (The latter would have resulted in him being reported to authorities, so there was no way out.)

          The guy in this case was arrested and charged. He pled guilty and served some time in prison. From all accounts, that was what he needed: he is a completely different person now. Very humble.

          But the fallout in the church was nasty: a lot of folks, including the wife, were angry at the pastor for doing the right thing.

          • For the sake of all their souls the steps taken were necessary. The sinner needs to hit bottom in order to repent. It may be ugly now but it does a
            lot of good eternally. As you have shown above.

            People think church is like some kind of safe space bubble but we all know that we are in enemy territory. Do they think the devil will not try to devour the sheep?

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