Trump Bodyslams CNN, Mika, Scarborough

Previous Republican Presidents, from Nixon to Bush II, with few exceptions, have coddled the MSM, rarely calling them on their BS. When Dan Rather ran the fictitious story about George W. Bush, a story that was later exposed as fraudulent not by other media outlets but rather by the blogosphere (Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs), Dubya didn’t launch into attacks on CBS, although he had plenty good reason.

President Trump, OTOH, has been fighting them head-on from day one.

When Megyn Kelly tried to accuse him of being anti-woman, he went after her in no uncertain terms. I thought he self-destructed: no other candidate could have attacked a female reporter like that and survived the fallout.

Trump’s numbers only surged.

As President, he has had an ongoing feud with MSM. In one of his first press conferences, he refused to take a question from CNN, denouncing them as “Fake News”.

On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and his fiancee, Mika Brezinski, have engaged in personal attacks against Trump, to the point of questioning his mental health.

Meanwhile, CNN, ran a story–determined to be fraudulent–linking Anthony Scaramucci, a member of Trump’s transition team, to the FBI investigation of the Russia probe. In the aftermath, three CNN employees were forced to resign.

Last week, Trump, via his Twitter account, attacked Mika, describing an encounter with her that had her bleeding from a facelift. Mika responded by attacking his “small hands”. Meanwhile, Mika and Joe attacked Trump as “un-presidential”, with several Republicans following suit.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted a funny video of his bodyslamming CNN, denouncing them as Fraud News Network, over their fraudulent Russia story.

And of course, the MSM is denouncing Trump for being “unpresidential”.

(Warning: blunt language in the following paragraph)

This makes me wonder what they think is Presidential? Ejaculating on interns (Clinton did this as President)? Forcing 18-year-old interns to perform blowjobs on friends of the President (JFK did this with Mimi Alford)? Getting a blowjob from an intern while you’re having a phone conference with members of Congress, as Clinton did? Using a cigar as a sex toy on an intern, as Clinton did? Abandoning our embassy staff in Benghazi–leaving four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador and two retired Navy SEALs, to die–as Obama did?

Quite frankly, I’m glad someone has finally decided to punch MSM in the mouth and call them on their BS.

I remember when Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT), from the Senate floor, accused then-Vice President Dick Cheney of corruption. Cheney, the President of the Senate, told Leahy to do something anatomically impossible when Leahy attempted to act friendly with him at their subsequent meeting.

Some said they lost respect for Cheney over that; quite frankly, while I am not a fan of Cheney, I’m glad someone stood up to the leftard and called his BS. Don’t call me a crook and then act like you’re my friend later.

As for Mika and Joe, what did you expect? Did you seriously think he would take your attacks lying down? Given that you two lovebirds started this by engaging in personal attacks on Trump, maybe you might reconsider doing this in the future, given that Trump has shown that he will take you punch for punch.

These skirmishes will not hurt Trump, and they only make you look like pathetic crybabies when you whine about it. You seem to have an inflated sense of your own relevance.

What this entire cycle should remind us is that the MSM is part of the leftist brigade, and that there is no compromising with them.

Vox Day recommends never talking to the media; he’s probably correct. Anything you say can and will be edited and spun against you.

Even recording the interview does you little good. This is because, while you may be able to expose their creative editing, it is possible that your exposing of that will do little to undo their damage.

Unless you’re Trump, you are going to take a hit.

But make no mistake, MSM is in a full-on war on America.

If you lean even slightly to the right, I’ll say this much: Trump may not be your favorite person–and I’ll not begrudge anyone who dislikes the man–but I’ll give him props for fighting this necessary fight.

The MSM is not the entire enemy, but they are the propaganda machine for the enemy.

Don’t ever forget that.

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