“Purity Ball” Father Charged With Child Molestation

I remember blogging about “purity balls”. They struck me as super-creepy on a number of levels. It appears that a father of one of those poor gals has been arrested for child molesting.

Here are my observations:

(1) If I was a gal, the last thing I would want to go to is a “purity ball”.

I’m all for keeping sex in the marriage bed, but–dang!–who on earth thought these events were a good idea?

To address TWW’s questions….

(2) What do we mean by purity? Depends on the context. In the [pun intended] purest sense, it is uprightness in heart before God. As David says in Psalm 24:

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?

He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

In the context of the discussion of sex, that means (a) fixating your mind and heart on matters that are proper, eschewing lusts that are corrupting, and (b) in your acting out of such matters, keeping sex within the marriage bed.

(3) Are all sins the same? Depends on what you mean by that. On one hand, Jesus said that if you break one command from God, you’ve broken them all. At the same time, all sins do not have equal impacts and consequences.

I hope we can all agree that murder, for example, is much more serious than getting short with someone who pesters you with inane questions. I would also suggest that committing sexual acts with children is a bigger honkin’ deal than, say, shooting a bald eagle.

(4) Does God view all sins the same? No. God treats some sins with greater severity than others. When the Pharisees accused Jesus of having an unclean spirit, He warned them of the severity of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, as opposed to other sins. The Apostle Paul, comparing sexual sins with other sins, noted that, unlike other sins, sexual sin is a sin against one’s own body.

Oh, and while I believe that a child molester can receive repentance and be counted among the redeemed, such a one is not a “hero” and is not qualified for church leadership. I would also add that such a one must be kept away from children, and not permitted to serve in any ministry that involves children or teens.

There is a fine line between faith and stupidity. It’s bad enough when your stupidity bites YOU in the posterior, but why must you subject children to such risks?

7 thoughts on ““Purity Ball” Father Charged With Child Molestation

  1. There is a pathology behind the purity balls that rightly makes it look creepy:

    I think it is the artificial disconnect between romance and sexuality. When in reality Romance is sexual. Hence thinking romance is non-sexual and holy in itself rather than only sanctified by God on the marriage bed.

    And then there is the cartoonish chivalry trying to chase off young men left and right delaying his daughters marriage while acting as her surrogate husband:

    Rather than actually helping to find a good husband for his daughter. Really sick dynamic

  2. The thing that bugged me, a trained dancer, about these “balls” was that the relationship being “fostered” was between father and daughter rather than the daughter and God. Both are important. But’s the latter that matters when she leaves home. It is telling that FotF was a big supporter of those things; and it was only the last decade that their website stopped teaching that adult men needed to go through a church elder for permission to date another adult. Bass Ackwards all around.

  3. A quote from Dalrock’s post in the first comment, linked, explains it all: “. When fathers dress as grooms, give their daughters wedding rings, and pose with their daughters dressed as brides or prom dates, modern Christians can’t see how twisted this is. But if Christian mothers started dressing up as brides or prom dates with their sons and had their sons place wedding rings on their fingers, everyone would immediately understand how sick this really is. The reason is when it comes to men we intuitively understand that romance is sexual in nature. It is only for women that we hold out the fiction that romance isn’t sexual.”

    • Gold.

      And yes, this is sick beyond sick.

      Anyone with at least a double-digit IQ should be able to see the obvious, but–due to their insistence on embracing a paradigm that clearly has no Biblical basis, all because they either lack the balls to confront that reality or because they have, again un-Biblically, sworn blind faith in a “leader” who is totally off the reservation–refuse to see what they see.

  4. I am thinking the molestation incident may actually be a symptom of what has already occurred in a psychological level. Given the sick dynamic such an incident would not be so far off.

  5. And as I said above may be a root cause or contributes greatly to reluctance to give his daughter away in marriage to any man even the most decent among them.

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