Not Looking Good for Word Of Faith Fellowship

The Deebs are pounding on a “church” that desperately needs a serious pounding or ten. Keep hammering them, and don’t be charitable.

It appears that the AP report has drawn the interest of both American and Brazilian governments.

This is bad. People are going to be heading to jail for a substantial amount of time.

The whole Word of Faith movement–long having proven themselves to be heretical at best–can’t get a black enough eye.

3 thoughts on “Not Looking Good for Word Of Faith Fellowship

  1. Did you read the 5-page list of “do’s and don’ts” on their latest post? Very creepy. Always suspect a church that forbids note-taking and enforces a Stepford Smile policy!

    • After last year’s Air Force Marathon, mrsLarijani and I went to an OPC church in Dayton, OH the next morning. It was the only reasonable conservative church we could find.

      When we went in, it was like you are describing: it was like everyone had that Stepford Smile, that look that shows the world what a wonderful church we are, never mind the stench of dead bodies coming from over there….

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