4 thoughts on “Hillary Has a New Book Coming Out

  1. Not sure if you saw it, but someone had a tweet on this yesterday that was pretty good. Went something like:

    “Absolutely perfect design on this book. The name in the blue is the answer to the question in the white.”

    But then again, mysteries probably tend to sell a little better when they don’t put the solution to the case right on the front cover . . .

    • Absolutely. I’ve said it before: she lost because she is Hillary Clinton.

      If the election were held today, the outcome would be worse for her: Trump would probably take the popular vote, too.

      And if she runs again, she will lose for the same reason.

      No amount of repackaging or reinventing herself will work. The moment she stands up, she will piss off half the people in the room.

      Unlike her husband, she cannot connect with people.

      He could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, but she couldn’t sell whiskey to an alcoholic.

  2. So what are you suggesting there Amir? That Trump burn down the Reichstag next time round’ and blame it on Hillary?

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