Burn Him At The Stake

Deb at TWW reports on the case of Steve Jesmer, pastor of what was The Dialogue Church, who raped a 13-year-old girl in his church office.

One more reason you ought to be skeptical of anyone who has charisma.

To their credit, church leaders who became aware of the incident were prompt in getting to authorities. And by all accounts, the church was cooperative in the investigation.

One thought on “Burn Him At The Stake

  1. In death row may he repent to God before facing him in death and I hope that in the future the procession to his death involves something religious like how the Catholics used to escort death row prisoners to the rope and they lift out the cross to his face before he was executed so that the cross is the last thing they will see in this life. These are the crimes meriting death. Murder,rape and kidnapping as far as scripture is concerned.

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