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Dee At TWW Gets Attacked By “Nobody”

Dang…Dee is getting threatening letters sent about her anonymously to her denomination.

I guess some “conservative” neocals are getting their pwecious widdle toesies stepped on, and they lack the ballstesticular fortitude to put their names on anything.

Stupid snowflakes.

Neocals, that is, not Dee.


2 thoughts on “Dee At TWW Gets Attacked By “Nobody”

  • jay says:

    They could do far better by proving her wrong.

    • Amir says:

      Yep. I agree.

      Checking the IP number given in the email, the sender appears to be from the Dallas, TX area.

      I’m willing to bet money that this has either The Village Church or Prestonwood Baptist written all over it. I’m not saying Chandler or Graham are behind this, but some folks loyal to them probably are.

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