What We Have Here, Is a Shortage of Rope

More people need a short-drop hanging than I have rope.

This will make your skin crawl. Read the details. It is long and sad to read.

As I have often said, I am not surprised that pedophiles target churches. I am also not surprised that pedophiles target Christian schools. Pedophiles want kids, and that is where the kids are.

It seems that Covenant Life Church, C.J. Mahaney’s flagship church, had multiple leaders who were given to pedophilia and/or other very dark sexual fetishes unbecoming of a minister of the Gospel.

That Mahaney and others in his inner circle actively sought to cover up the abuses is not news. However, I challenge you to read the details.

Yes, they are sad and sordid and dark. Yes, some very high movers and shakers of Neo-Calvinism are implicated.

I hope this pisses you off. And I hope you stay pissed off.

If you expect God to bless a Church that hides this crap, then you don’t get it.

That is why the fictional John Kelly is my alter-ego.

Class dismissed.

8 thoughts on “What We Have Here, Is a Shortage of Rope

  1. Thanks for linking to the story on my blog. There are some seriously evil men masquerading as neo-Calvinist pastors. It is my opinion, and I believe there is enough credible evidence available to prove my opinion is correct (http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/970485/22689936/1368570306447/second+amended+sgm+lawsuit.pdf?token=psDD%2BFhhhBRy8ltalZi8LfIKSVY%3D), that C.J. Mahaney, as the leader of the Sovereign Grace Ministries, engaged in a conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse of children. Men such as Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and leader of 9Marks, and Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary are also complicit in what some have labeled the biggest sexual abuse scandal in the Evangelical church. These are two high profile men (and there are others) who have done all they can to mislead people as to facts concerning C.J. Mahaney.

    I agree with your sentiments expressed above: “I hope this pisses you off. And I hope you stay pissed off.” Evangelical Christians need to wake up. Sexual abuse of children is not just a problem in the Roman Catholic Church. Evangelicals have just as big a problem, but it may be harder to track since so many evangelical churches are independent bodies. These so-called Christian leaders need to be held accountable.

    Thanks again for your help in exposing these evil men.

    Todd Wilhelm – author of “Thou Art The Man” blog

    • Thanks! I was already familiar with the coverup of the abuses of Nate Morales by Mahaney & Co. I have long-followed Brent Detwiler’s take on it–he and I went to the same high school, only he was 10 years ahead of me.

      But the details regarding Loftness are very, very troubling.

      Do any of these guys have any basic fear of God? Do they not realize that they are in “better a millstone” territory?

      • I don’t believe a man who rapes boys and girls has any fear of God. The same goes for those who have conspired to cover up the sexual abuse of chldren.

        As for John Loftness, I cannot understand why he has not been charged, arrested and imprisoned while he awaits trial. He should be sharing a cell with Nate Morales, IMO. Yet he has been shuffled around the Sovereign Grace denomination, much like Catholic Bishops move pedophile priests from parish to parish. It is a travesty. He currently pastors a church, ironically called “Living Hope” in Bowie, MD. (http://www.sovereigngrace.com/our-churches/church/79/living-hope-church) and makes guest appearances as a preacher at other Sovereign Grace Churches. I have written about 3 of these. (https://thouarttheman.org/2017/08/17/providence-community-church-lenexa-ks-toxic-culture/ https://thouarttheman.org/2015/01/31/birds-of-a-feather-flock-together-loftness-speaks-at-mahaneys-church/ https://thouarttheman.org/2015/05/06/a-benefit-of-partnership-with-sovereign-grace-ministries/ )

        • That is the part I find galling: a lack of basic fear of God by those who ostensibly proclaim an otherwise conservative theology.

          They are the very folks who, on one hand, have taken a good stand against liberals who have diluted and perverted the truth while, on the other hand, have covered for elements from within who are every bit as insidious, if not more so.

          It would have been one thing if they had acted in good faith and tried to do right by admitting to severe oversights. But they not only didn’t do that, they doubled down, continued to cover it up, and maligned not only those seeking the truth but those who had been victimized.

          I don’t throw the “false teacher” label around loosely, but I am finding that a lot of these guys have more in common with II Peter 2 than with Paul, who “fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith”.

          • What I think will happen is God may use to wicked outsiders to discipline those inside the church. Then turn his wrath upon the wicked who was his rod of wrath.

            The Old Testament shows this pattern with foreign invaders ravaging Israel for their sins.

            And BTW Rope can be reused. And the method is cleaner than other methods.

          • That reminds me of the televangelist scandals of the 1980s and early 90’s. News media coverage of these guys was absolutely brutal, but very deserved.

            I remember Christians who complained about the media coverage. My take: they were just doing their job.

            If you hand your enemy a stick, and he beats you with it, then it’s on you.

            That’s what will happen to these corrupt, abusive outfits.

            Their secular critics will get their reckoning, but they’ll still be instruments of reckoning for the Church.

          • I am sure our enemies may be guilty of the same crimes they are lambasting the church for.

            Yet we seem to be held up to high standards while they get away with it in our lifetime. Maybe its because God is behind it after all.

            Doing their jobs from God unintentionally.

            As well as the fact that them getting away with maybe the same evil means God has something worse in store for them.

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