10 thoughts on “Irony Of the Day

    • Finally got around to listening to it.

      I think he’s right. And I think that what he is saying applies both ways: whitey tends to seek segregation from blacks, too. Within the Body, that’s bad.

      I do think there are particulars that need to be fleshed out, because–like it or not–there are cultural differences among races and ethnicities. Moreover, there are particular subcultures among the races that need to be confronted head-on. As Tim Keller once observed, there is something in the Gospel to offend just about every culture.

      All this talk of “white privilege” is a canard for the new Marxism. This is what is fueling the attacks on monuments and statues. The irony is that this is being driven in no small part by white liberals whose policies have killed more blacks than slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, and every segregationist policy combined.

      But the way forward here is the Gospel, as that is the only element that has any chance of providing a solution that doesn’t involve mass bloodshed.

      • Those white liberals haven’t stopped being racist. They just changed their methods.

        Its also a shame that supposed black/white Christians declare the other ethnicity as the devil and that whatever bad happens is their own damn fault for being the devil.

        No person who is saved would believe in such things or believe in them for long.

        • No. I don’t think he makes a good Biblical case at all.

          At the same time, when we look at interracial marriage, we need to delineate what we mean when we say “interracial”. Is it about caucasoids, negroids, and mongoloids (I use technical terms for white, black, and Asians) intermarrying? Does it extend to people of different nationalities? Does it extend to ethnicities (which would create even more delineation: Indians, Italians, Irish, Czechs. Hispanics, Russians, Prussians, Anglo-Saxons…)?

          I wouldn’t say that interracial marriage is necessarily evil; I WOULD say that, any time you are dealing with people of different cultural persuasions getting married, there needs to be a lot of counsel and caution raised. And when I say “cultural persuasions”, I am referring to the environment they were raised in, and the baggages that each bring to the table.

          And this is not simply a black-versus-white issue.

          Being of Middle Eastern descent, for example, I bring baggages to the table that the average bear would not. Some women might like that; others not so much. I think there needs to be some sober, down-to-earth counsel so that each party has realistic expectations going into the marriage.

      • What is sick is that when it comes to bad news like the opioid epidemic affected people who are caucasian.

        I read the comments in videos reporting on this and news articles. And supposed black christians celebrating that those white devils are dying.

        Because all white people are racist.

        • Black lives don’t even matter to so-called “black leaders”; I don’t expect them to care about Whitey.

          Black lives only matter to them insofar as it brings them recognition and revenue. But if they actually gave a crap about their black brethren, they’d be leading the charge against the culture that foments the black-on-black murders, an epidemic far worse than the sum total of all the “white police officer shoots ‘unarmed black youth'” cases.

          • Indeed. Although its the rank and file who are saying this in the manner of comments under news articles and videos on youtube.

            Who believe the black and black crime cited by contrarians is made up and the real problem is white supremacy(which is why more black people are in prison) and white crime against blacks.

            Hopefully its a minority but its very disheartening.

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