Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted — With Questionable Tactics

I don’t know if I should drink a beer in honor of the authorities who busted these guys, or excoriate them for their tactics.

While their ethics might be questionable here, I cannot say that I lament the demise of these pedophiles.

Prison is too soft for them.

9 thoughts on “Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted — With Questionable Tactics

  1. Well other than the usual mercy of the gospel preached to them. The death penalty is what they deserve. Because if their souls aren’t saved they end up in the hands of the living God when they die.

    • My sentiments exactly.

      As for the law enforcement folks, what they did is clearly in the gray area of ethics. But I must admit, they did nail a very impressive number of these jackals.

      • As for another topic. I am sort of curious about generational curses. In regards to domestic violence I mentioned this in another thread. If domestic violence seemed to be generational as all the males(now almost all divorced) on my father’s families side seem to perpetrate in their marriages who grown up in the household with a violent mother and father and relatives on my father’s ancestry that commit suicide.

        Passed on to my family and my brother who seemed to have issues with wrath(who was physically abused as child by his father) and who beats up on my father occasionally.

        I am at a loss on how to deal with conflicts with between father and brother I am often silent and feel guilty for being a coward.

        • I would not call that cowardice at all. At the end of the day, they are adults and they need to deal with their issues. Confronting something like that might require more than one person. I would surmise that the best time to deal with this is before or after the fight, when there is a chance of cooler heads being involved.

          When tempers are going, no one is going to deal with things rationally, and–if there is violence–oftentimes the only way to stop it is with a show of force. And one needs to think long and hard about what the threshold for that is going to be.

          But considering all of that, not showing up for the fight to which you are being invited is not a show of cowardice. Sometimes, not doing that is a matter of prudence.

          • ”When tempers are going, no one is going to deal with things rationally, and–if there is violence–oftentimes the only way to stop it is with a show of force. And one needs to think long and hard about what the threshold for that is going to be.”

            Being the comparative weakling I am despite the strength training that I did. I am aware that if I didn’t live in a society with a government that is relatively just.

            That those stronger than me who did not have a conscience can have their way because I am unable to physically outmatch them(plus my country doesn’t allow firearms). Because to not comply is to be killed or be heavily injured.

            People take for granted in the west the existence of organized violence that keeps predators at bay protects them and enables civility.

            While those in Latin America are not so lucky has gangs that are free to do whatever evil they want because they back it up with arms and superior violence to destroy those who do not comply.

            I have personally been physically beaten and really hate the helplessness of my own physical weakness.

  2. Bloody hell. I am afraid that given that I am forced to live with them as of this time until my independence. I am starting to be a little short tempered myself. Is there any way to train myself to be slower to anger despite the environment I am in?

    • Jay,

      Amir will better be able to answer your questions. However I will share what has helped me. I came from a yucky lineage and an angry, reactive father, and my first husband was an angry, reactive man.

      Ephesians 4:31-32 became the oxygen i breathe: “31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

      i prayed this probably daily and then some during some really rough years – that God would enable me to get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander and malice … and that God would enable me to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving – b/c i wasn’t able to do it on my own.

      i understand ‘generational sin,’ but you don’t have to allow it to continue. you can stop it. if interested, i have a personal blog where i’ve written about that quite a bit: … and more under ‘the Bridge’ category.

      again, i trust Amir and his advice and wisdom, and especially his authority.

    • I would suggest taking up a discipline that teaches patience and requires you to keep your head.

      Examples: martial arts, endurance swimming (particularly open-water), and/or distance running.

      As a bonus, few things help bleed off stress like a good, endorphin-enducing 5K run.

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