The Alabama Senate Race and Roy Moore

Honestly, the issue of Roy Moore–particularly the latest allegations against him–is a tossup. I will neither condemn the man, nor will I proclaim his innocence.

In all honesty, the only people who know the truth about this are Moore and his accusers.

The one accusation that is most troubling is the allegation of his sexual proposition of a 14-year-old. (He was 32 at the time.) If true, that’s a major problem.

I would not be thrilled about his DATING a 14-year-old, even if he were chaste about it, given that he was 32 at the time. Apparently, as a man in his 30s he was drawn, at the very least, to younger women. In and of itself, that isn’t a big deal, but 14? 16? I dunno…that’s under the bubble.

(MrsLarijani is 14-and-a-half years my junior, but I was 42 and she was 28. And before her, I pursued Christina, who was almost 18 years my junior: I was 41 and she was 24. Both were grown adults–and college grads–so I saw nothing inherently wrong with either pursuit, although, I must admit that, had I made it to the point of meeting Christina’s parents, it would have been interesting: I was not much younger than her mother.)

OTOH, Moore appears to have sought the permission of the parents in his pursuits, and that is indicative of an old-school traditional-values mindset: many Christian gentlemen in the South took that approach when they were interested in potential marriage, as it was their way of saying they intended to be honorable. And the world was indeed a different place in 1977. Remember the age gap of Elvis and Priscilla. And we ARE talking the Deep South here.

Moreover, his conduct over the years–from what we know of him–does not appear to jibe with that of a predator.

Still, given the flurry of sexual assault cases in Hollywood and the Big Media, no one wants to come down defending a predator, even unwittingly. Not long ago, the Republican Speaker of the House–Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL)–was a gunshot and a heart attack (Dick Cheney was VP) away from being President, and HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTER!

Do we want to go there again?

I’m not saying Roy Moore is that. I’m on the bubble, but leaning toward his innocence pending other evidence. I say that for three reasons:

(1) Timing. Roy Moore is not new to the political arena. He has been a lightning rod for a very long time. And these accusers are now surfacing a month away from a Senate election? If you smell B.S., it’s understandable.

(2) He has been steadfast in his denials. Not only has he denied the allegations, he has provided credible explanation for  his actions. Those do not appear to be the actions of a predator.

(3) His accusers, particularly the would-be 14-year-old, have their own credibility issues. At least one of them is working for the Dems. The 14-year-old has a history of accusing ministers of sexual misconduct. She has also filed for Bankruptcy not just once, not just twice, but THREE TIMES. I’ll give her a mulligan for once. I might even give her a benefit of a doubt for #2. But 3? I say that because, while we all are capable of making financial mistakes that could require Bankruptcy, there does come a point, especially with multiple filers on the Personal Bankruptcy front, that it reflects an issue of integrity. And while there are sexual predators among the clergy, I find multiple accusations from the same person against multiple ministers, to be far-fetched.

I remember being involved in a particular congregation. There was an older gal who frequented the services. She claimed to have been raped many times by multiple ministers. When she described the accounts, let’s just say we all–while otherwise empathetic with such cases–figured she was either lying or she was a seductress.

So yes, I’ve seen both sides of that coin. And while Boz Tchividjian is correct–very few child accusers make those stories up–it is also established fact that there are adult liars out there. Duke lacrosse anyone?

Could Roy Moore be guilty? Absolutely. If you cannot stomach the fact that he–being in his early 30s–dated women who were on the bubble of adulthood, I totally understand. I would probably deny permission of he asked that of my daughter and she were in that bracket.

At the same time, from what I am seeing, his actions do not appear to reflect someone who is bent on using teens to satisfy his sexual vices but rather one who simply wanted a wife with whom he could start a family.

At this point, I would give him the benefit of a doubt, pending revelation of hard evidence.

6 thoughts on “The Alabama Senate Race and Roy Moore

  1. God in the old testament did not make false accusation of a capital crime a capital crime for nothing. People should not make light of serious accusations.

    • Yep. Because there was a serious penalty for making a false accusation, it helped keep the number of false accusations to a minimum.

      Contrast that with today’s system.

      Truth be told, Moore could be guilty. At the same time, in the absence of a smoking gun, I just don’t see a compelling reason to condemn him. His behavior does not appear to reflect the actions of a predator. Yes, the ages of the women were a tad low for my comfort zone, but that is a very gray area.

      Biblically, the requirement is that the parties in a marriage be of sufficient maturity–I would suggest that it is both physical and mental–to fulfill the obligations required of such a covenant. That means he is a man and she is a woman.

      As I’ve said before: sex is for marriage, and marriage is for adults.

      In our society, we generally regard 18 as the crossover age for adulthood. But we have also allowed people younger than that to marry. I’ve seen such marriages work, and I’ve seen them not work.

      As for the case of an older man pursuing a teenager, that’s on the bubble. If I’m the father of the daughter, then he’s going to have to convince me that he’s a Godly man and that he has a lot of patience, as my default answer is likely to not just be NO, but HELL NO.

      • Indeed its while it is debatable the current crossover age of adulthood. It remains for obvious reasons in most of human, Hebrew society and nearly 2000 years church history in the period of what we now call adolescence.

        Even from the very beginning there are certain acts beyond the pale and worthy of death.

        And your last point highlights the importance of fathers involvement in the lives of their children.

  2. I’m frankly not sure whom to believe in this instance.

    The timing definitely seems suspicious. The Washington Post has a long history of hostility toward conservative Christians in general (remember “largely poor, uneducated and easy to command?”) and Roy Moore in particular. The Post even took the unusual step of endorsing his opponent in the upcoming Senate race. Typically, aside from president the Post only endorses candidates seeking office in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

    Yet the Post was one of the lead news organizations which, three years ago, helped to debunk the Rolling Stone article alleging a young woman had been raped at a University of Virginia fraternity party. So while the Post has a strong liberal ideological bias, every now and then they still function as an actual newspaper.

    For the sake of Roy Moore’s family I hope the allegations are untrue. Ultimately Alabama voters will have to decide this question.

    For what it’s worth, the largest age difference in any of the few relationships I’ve had is five years. When I was 23 I briefly dated an 18-year-old college freshman I met in a Christian group I was attending. In retrospect that wasn’t a good idea, although the age difference had little to do with why the relationship didn’t work out. About six or seven years ago I got set up on a date with a woman who appeared to be at least ten years younger than me. I quickly figured out she had some serious issues and chose not to pursue a relationship. Subsequent developments proved I made the right choice in that instance.

    • The latest accusations, at first glance, appeared to provide a “smoking gun”. Except for a couple things:

      (1) Gloria Allred. Any time she inserts herself, one must become skeptical.

      (2) The alleged “yearbook signature”–which would discredit his claim that he does not even know the accuser–could very well be a forgery.

      Someone in this is not telling the truth.

    • At this point, I’d say it’s a tossup as to who is right and who is not.

      As I look at this, thinking in terms of the big picture, it is important to note that there are several fronts to this war, and it’s not just a matter of left vs. right. More on that later.

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