Watered Down Teaching

My Aspie-Girl just got back from a week at church camp. She went with the church she attended with her Daddy and has grown up going to church camp with these kids. It was their last year as seniors, so it was a BIG deal for her to be there and to stay for the whole week.

The down side – she said all the teaching was very elementary and watered down and hugely disappointing.

And I’m thinking in my head as she’s sharing this with me … my daughter, whose severe dyslexia prevents her from reading much so she listens to audio Bibles … who hasn’t gone to church regularly in years … found the teaching to be elementary and ineffective.

We cannot depend on church to teach our children about God. We have to do it in the home. Talking and teaching about God, the Bible, and praying are an integral and normal part of our lives. It’s how life is in our home; how it’s always been. If this had not been our norm, she would have a very weak foundation, indeed.

It’s pathetic how watered down this teaching was to youth.

5 thoughts on “Watered Down Teaching

  1. While I’m sad to hear about the watered down teaching, I’m grateful that your daughter recognized it was watered down. Ame, that’s a testament to the job you’ve done.

    Your youngest is a senior? How fast time flies. It seems like she was in elementary school only yesterday.

    • thank you … by the grace of God 🙂

      – – –

      i know! it’s surreal. since i’m homeschooling her and we could change up the pace, she won’t officially graduate for another year, but her peer group graduated this year.

      my Oldest is 20, and my Youngest is 18. some days i *feel* that old, but it’s still hard to *think* of myself as that old! lol!

      • Which reminds me… you may be familiar with KM and MM, the couple whom both Amir and I have occasionally mentioned in posts and comments. I actually met Amir through KM… he’s known her for well over 20 years, and I’ve known her for almost 30. The older of their two daughters is little more than a month away from going off to college.

        • gosh, Cubbie. time becomes so surreal the older i get! 20 and 30 years passing? and in some places in my mind i still think i’m 20 … others i think i’m 100! and then there’s my body which plays all kinds of tricks on me. ugh 😉

  2. God give us back us back the fine wine of the gospel. Not the watered down vinegar of current preaching. Feel good nonsense far beneath the glory and majesty of our God.

    ”But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

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