Beth Moore Goes Full SJW

I’ve never had any use for Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), leftists who gain power via threat, intimidation, bullying, and shaming. Their modus operandi is Marxist, their playbook written by Stalin, Mao, and Alinsky. They have targeted–sometimes successfully–academics, military officers, corporate CEOs, columnists, talk show hosts, and public officials.

In the Christian world, they have hijacked the mainline Protestant ranks and much of the conservative evangelical world. The Southern Baptist Convention is under assault both from the outside (#metoo and #churchtoo activists who are using this issue to promote a progressive agenda) and from within (SBTS President Mohler and ERLC PResident Moore, who are cozy with the LGBT-based Revoice Conference), by SJWs.

Of late, however, Beth Moore, the SBC superstar who has made Lifeway a powerhouse, has been the SJW poster child.

The issue here is not her disdain for President Trump; that is understandable, as his “grab [women] by the pússy” comments alienated many otherwise fine Christian evangelical women.

Nor do I take issue with her calling out of male leaders in the evangelical world for their treatment of her in the past, although her theological fluffiness makes it hard for top-flight theologians and scholars to take her seriously in those realms.

No…my issue with Beth Moore is her latching onto the Marxist tactic of shaming men in particular cases, crucifying them for the sins of others. Here is her most recent example.

What bothers me about this? As a man, I owe her no apology for anyone else’s sin against women. I answer for my own sins. If I’ve objectified Beth, then that’s on me. If I’ve dismissed her on account of her sex, then that’s on me. But if John Doe does either, then that is his sin, not mine.

And if any of you ladies don’t like that, then tell me: do you owe the world an apology for the more than one third of all women who’ve murdered children in utero? Yes or no will do.

And yes, Beth, given that you now have shamed men into getting on their knees and apologizing for the sins of their gender against women, perhaps you can get on your knees at your next conference and cry out for forgiveness for the 60+ million children your gender has murdered.

Over and Out.

8 thoughts on “Beth Moore Goes Full SJW

  1. I am not surprised. Dalrock saw this coming:

    While feminists as far as I know in the West seem to acknowledge genuine problems. The way they go about it and the solutions they propose end up being another form of evil.

    There may be a connection between this and Chivalry:

    More on Chivalry and courtly love:

    Courtly love originated from Arab culture and went on to infect Europe since the 12th century.

  2. I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I’ll contribute my $0.02 worth anyway.

    First, it was my understanding that Albert Mohler opposed rather than supported the teachings of the Revoice conference. Here’s a statement from his website expressing his concerns:

    Second, concerning Beth Moore and the man who asked forgiveness on behalf of men: I’ve attended conferences and prayer meetings where the speaker or preacher stood in proxy and apologized to individuals on behalf of men who’ve been abusers, absentee fathers, and the like. However, I’ve never seen it done en masse as in the example you cited. That, I’ll admit, gave me the creeps.

    I’m not quite sure whether I’d consider Beth Moore to be a full-blown SJW. She doesn’t yet seem to have gone as far as, say, Ashley Easter or Sierra White, to use a couple of evangelical examples I’ve come across. But she’s definitely pushing the envelope. If I were advising Ms. Moore, I’d tell her to leave the speaking and teaching circuit for an extended period of time and focus on her own healing.

    • She’s not quite as far out there as Jen Hatmaker or Ashley Easter, but she’s not far from it.

      And, BTW, that’s probably my biggest gripe with these folks. When it comes to confronting abusers, that’s one thing. But (a) they have decided that the answer is to have more women preachers and (b) with VERY FEW exceptions, they ignore the abortion elephant in the room.

      I’m sick and tired of all this piling onto the men. I have yet to see any of these prominent evangelical women acknowledge the murder rate committed by their ranks.

      And make no mistake: that one is on the girlz.

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