UMC, With Help of African Blacks, Rejects SJW Agenda

Going into the Special Session of the 2019 General Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC), American news outlets were ecstatic at the prospect of the UMC joining the ranks of other mainline Protestant denominations and endorsing the marriage and ordination of LGBTs.

The “woke” faction of the UMC, dominated by American progressives, was confident that their highly-touted “One Church” plan would cement the convergence of the UMC. The “One Church” plan basically said that, while many members didn’t agree with LGBT inclusion, the UMC would still allow everyone else to include LGBTs.

Instead, the progressives lost, twice.

First, the “One Church” plan failed to pass.

Then, conservatives–led by delegates from Africa–passed the “Traditional Plan”: an affirmation of Biblical sexuality that rejects any attempt to grant legitimacy to LGBTs, by a score of 438-384.

(A friend of mine, a longtime United Methodist, referred to the Traditional Plan as “Making Methodism Great Again”.)

On top of that, the conservatives passed a number of items that make it painless for the wokeists to leave the UMC. In other words, they not only endorsed Biblical sexuality, they held the door open for dissenters to leave.

What was poignant about the vote was that, for many years, American SJWs have long-insisted that white Americans must “check their privilege” and give more credence to perspectives of “oppressed” classes.

This time, blacks from Africa voted to reject what Nigerian pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha calls a “neocolonialism” that seeks to impose “new sexual ideologies and abortion into African nations, against the will of the African people who still largely reject these ideologies.”

What IS sad: the West, which has long been a fortress for a conservative theology that has been the backbone of Western Civilization, is in a severe decline that corresponds to the turmoil in the Church.

Catholics have a longstanding gay pederasty culture, evidenced by a horrendous amount of sexual assaults and coverups spanning the globe, encompassing at least half of the clergy.

Mainline Protestants have embraced theological liberalism that has made their message irrelevant.

Conservatives and evangelicals, however, have a critical mass of sexual abuse and coverups, fueled by shallow theology and a system that attracts, develops, and promotes a clergy who market themselves as Alpha Males but instead are dark, greedy, malevolent, perverted cowards who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the nether regions.

Against this backdrop, Christians in AFRICA are leading the way forward.

While the Church may be bloodied and bruised, Jesus promised that not even the gates of Hell would prevail against Her. The Church is never out of the fight.

And if the Laodiceans in America won’t show up for the good fight, God has shown that He’ll raise some Smyrnans from the poorest region in the world to take up the full armor.

14 thoughts on “UMC, With Help of African Blacks, Rejects SJW Agenda

  1. This isn’t the first time African Christians have stepped forward to help their American counterparts. The respective Anglican churches in Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda provided lifeboats for orthodox Episcopal congregations which left TEC back in the mid-2000’s yet still wanted to retain ties to the wider Anglican Communion. My congregation initially affiliated with the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, a group associated with the Anglican Church of Nigeria. Eventually the Anglican Church in North America formed and we transitioned to ACNA and the Anglican Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.

    Good for the African Methodists. God bless them.

    As for conservatives and evangelicals in this country, I’m afraid your description is spot on for far too many churches. May God raise up American Christians willing to put on the full armor and stand for the faith once delivered to the saints.

    • In the case of he UMC, the African delegation literally carried the entire denomination. They had the votes to shut down the American progressives. It was beautiful.

  2. ”Conservatives and evangelicals, however, have a critical mass of sexual abuse and coverups, fueled by shallow theology and a system that attracts, develops, and promotes a clergy who market themselves as Alpha Males but instead are dark, greedy, malevolent, perverted cowards who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the nether regions. ”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is even the result of the long march through the institutions that is deliberate.

    By departing from the word of God in regards to church discipline and the selection of leadership and complacency as if the church is free of sin somehow(in practice even if not in theology).

    That the infiltration has successfully taken place without the disease being purged. I pray that God will purify the church in the west and we will be in accord with our African Brothers.

    If the Southern Baptist convention is imploding. Its God taking away its Lampstand for failure to repent.

    As well as the subtly warped views of sexuality that results in creepy “Purity Balls” and toddler beauty pageants(which to my horror actually exists).

    God help us all. Because all of us are impacted by the toxic sewage of current western culture.

    • I think the entire evangelical mega-church culture is going to implode. It will take a substantial portion of the SBC down with it. Personally, I think that will be a good thing.

      When the Church begins to welcome humble shepherds–who preach the Gospel and put theological depth ahead of nickels and noses–instead of narcissistic sexualized showmen cross-dressed as ministers, you’ll know that the Church in the United States is on the rebound.

      • “I think the entire evangelical mega-church culture is going to implode.”

        Good. I find the whole mega-church culture as well as places like Hillsong Abominable. I don’t feel those places to be sacred in any way unlike the churches with more traditional architectures or like the Eastern Orthodox churches.

        But as for the toxic sewage of US culture. Did you remember when the mutiliated man bruce Jenner appeared on TV? I was at a shopping mall and I saw this big screen showing him. It was very creepy as if the people behind it is deliberately trying to mess with our minds.

  3. Even affiliated with the PCA:

    Effete snakes like this may be emblematic of the problems that plague evangelical Christianity. Either evil alphas or effeminate men who can only ape masculinity but never truly grasp its essence. Having no honor and being slippery in their words and being backstabbers. Acting like Gossip girls.

    That and the problems with Federal Headship Theology that refuses to practically hold women accountable whilst making men responsible for the sins of women. Which in practical terms either results in real abuse or becoming ineffectual.

    • Federal Vision is pure poison. The PCA actually rejected it, although there are fringe groups in the Reformed world who hold to it. I also know of PCA ministers who–while “officially” opposing FV–actually support it.

      The problem now is that the evangelical world rewards ministers who exhibit the very qualities that are common in narcissists, Machiavellians, and sociopaths. As a result, there is a critical mass of Dark Triads among the clergy. That includes both effeminate “pretty boy” types, as well as hypersexualized AMOGs who want you to believe they are THE sh*t.

  4. This is not looking good. The same logic that allows feminism to be practiced whilst denying its practice in complementarianism is allowing the introduction of homosexuality:

    This is the same people that neutered headship in marriage:

    The reversal of sex roles in marriage:

    Allowed women to preach expositionally to other women:

    Not a prominent figure. But this is what passes for one Southern Baptist Pastor:

    As you have seen before:

    They have already compromised on women’s roles. But maybe this indicates that the agenda is more diabolical than we think. Perhaps not weakness but rather as a vanguard preparing the way.

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