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Howdy everyone! As Amir had so eloquently warned you, I’m an “uber-geeky attorney”. Just call me… Cubbie. (I’m a long-suffering Chicago Cubs fan, but that’s a story for another time.)

Right now, I’m trying to, for want of a better word, rebuild my life. In the middle of 2008, I left a small-town legal practice to try out a certain well-paying quasi-legal government job. That turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. While I had more than enough intellect to do the job, it turned out I had precisely the wrong temperament for it. Basically, I was too much of a perfectionist… which is bad if you’re evaluated almost completely on the number of cases you move in a two-week pay period. And the count restarts at zero every pay period. I fell a little behind, which turned into farther behind. Then I fell into a blue funk, which got me even more behind. You can guess the end of the story… and from there, it was back to Kentucky with no job in a deteriorating economy and a debt load up to my eyeballs.

I’m an even older fart than Amir, by a hair over five years (though I’ve been accused of looking a LOT younger), and I may well have an even deeper longing for a wife and kids (of my own!) than Amir does. Like him, I’m a native-born American, though my heritage is basic Northwest European Mutt. 🙂

I’m also a Christian, but tend to be more comfortable in a liturgical environment than Amir is. While I’ve been in a fairly wide variety of church settings, both liturgical and otherwise, I’ve probably been most at home in the Anglican world. While in law school, I went to an Episcopal church that ultimately left TEC (The Episcopal Church) over the gay issue. I went to a different type of church while I was back in Kentucky looking for my first job out of law school, but since I got my first attorney job, I’ve attended Anglican churches outside of TEC in all the places where I’ve been at… two small mission-type churches, with a big ex-TEC church in between.

Politically, I’m not far from where Amir is, though I tend to be more passionate on “national question” issues such as immigration. If you think he’s politically incorrect, I may be even more so.

ust to establish my “uber-geek” credentials, I’ll let you in on some of my test scores.

  • SAT: 700 verbal, 750 math (this was long before recentering; translates to about 1520 on today’s scale)
  • ACT: 34
  • GRE: 750 verbal, 780 quantitative, 800 analytical (the latter has been replaced by an analytical writing section)
  • IQ: Somewhere on the right of 150.

My geekiness isn’t just reflected in test scores: I’ve been one of the busier editors of Wikipedia. And, to top it all off, I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s… twice.

Degrees? I have plenty to go around. My BS and MS are both in chemical engineering from a well-known school in the Ohio Valley. I then spent about a dozen or so years as an engineer in the chemical industry in a different Ohio Valley state until I got the proverbial tin parachute after my employer was taken over. I was actually happy to be let go because by that time I was totally disillusioned with engineering. Eventually, I went to law school in the mid-Atlantic region, racking up a ridiculous amount of debt in the process.

After returning to Kentucky, where I’d spent most of my pre-engineering life, I joined a small firm in the south-central part of that state. After about a year there, I realized that if I was going to make a dent in my debt, I’d have to make a change, which led me to my government job… and ultimately to my current state of limbo.

In my spare time, I enjoy working out, reading, recreational shooting (pistol, rifle, and archery), and following sports. As far as teams go, I’m most passionate about three in particular: the Cubs, my engineering alma mater, and AFC Wimbledon (a lower-league English soccer team with a unique story). However, the sport I tend to follow most, although I don’t get to see it right now, is rugby union.

I’ve posted on the implications of a legal career for a young woman who wants to “have it all”, and also a couple of sports-related posts. You can also find my comments sprinkled here and there on this space.

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