About Recon

Recon was the greatest operator in the history of feline operations. He volunteered for Special Forces in 2007. His rescue operations saved thousands of cats from cruelty across the globe. On top of that, he was a faithful friend to the Larijani family.

He blew off retirement to take on one last mission. Sadly, that mission resulted in his evasion of capture for an entire week–with a large contingent of elite North Korean soldiers chasing him. In the process, he suffered food deprivation and dehydration that caused kidney damage.

While he made it home alive, his injuries were severe. He seemed to be on his way to recovery–and he even managed to win the 2020 Presidential election before Biden and Trump stole it from him–but this week, his kidneys failed.

He died with Amir and Abigail at his side.

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