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Thank you for visiting my little plot of e-land on the World Wide Web. I use this space out here to bloviate on issues–politics, finance, economics, theology, and engineering–that interest me. You can comment by either e-mailing me at larijani dot amir at gmail dot com, or leaving a comment on the blog.

About me…My name is Amir Larijani. I’m an American of Kurdish-Iranian descent. While Islam is the religion of my national heritage, I am a Christian.

As for my national loyalty, I was born in the United States, and I bleed red, white, and blue. For all her faults, the United States is the greatest country in the world.

For a living, I am a software engineer working on a substantial project that requires a security clearance. I could tell you what I do, but then I’d have to kill you.

When I began my studies in 1985, there was a shortage of aerospace engineers, as we were at the height of the Cold War. So I majored in aeronautical engineering and loved it.

When I graduated in 1990, the Cold War was over, the Berlin Wall was down, Bush was President, we were a kinder, gentler nation, and aerospace jobs were getting cut. So I took a job with Ross Perot’s former company as an Engineering Systems Engineer for 3 years, got laid off, then spent a year at Southern Baptist Theological Cemetary–enjoying the heck out of that–before running out of money, then going into computer applications development, then specializing in client/server applications, then Internet applications. I did that from 1994-2000.

In mid-2000, I took a position as an application developer and advanced to become a full-stack developer–front-end and back-end–specializing in C#.NET, MVC, and SQL Server database design, including data warehouse design.

My baccalaureate degree is in aeronautical engineering, and I have an MBA (with concentration in finance) from a university in eastern Kentucky. The latter degree is barely worth the paper it’s written on. The former degree is useful for a reply when some wise ass asks me, “What are you, a rocket scientist?”

In my spare time, I enjoy endurance sports (100+ mile bike rides, marathons, and triathlons), harassing my wife (MrsLarijani), playing with my baby girl, the animals–a dog, a cat, and 2 rabbits–and reading and writing.

Politically, I’m pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-capitalism.

Theologically, I am conservative but do not identify as either Calvinist or Arminian.

32 thoughts on “About Amir

  1. Love the picture. I wasn’t sure this was your page until I saw the picture, too cute!!!

    Dr. James D. Kennedy had a great message today, so I’m here at your site to see what you have to say on the subject. I haven’t found anything yet, but it has to be there you wouldn’t miss the chance to speak out on this one I know…LOL

    Love you,

  2. Thought you’d be interested in my Wkly Std cover story: The New Band of Brothers in Ramadi

    Best piece I’ve ever written and a real page-turner. PLUS, it’s truly multimedia with photos, hyperlinks AND streaming video of two firefights, a near-sniping, and a certain reporter’s near-death experiences. Lt. Gen. Dave Petraeus, commander of the 101st Airborne Division in the drive on Baghdad has called it, “Great stuff with a great unit in a very tough neighborhood”. Halfway through you’ll be donning body armor or I’ll double your money back!


    Also, a few weeks earlier I had another cover story: “Back to Fallujah.” Lots of pictures. No video yet, but we’ll get around to it.

  3. Appreciate your website. Read your comments re: best gun on an old Vox Day posting. Question: For your XD-45ACP compact, what kind of ammo do you recommend for home defense use, considering there might be children behind walls beyond intruder? Any other kind of best ammo for CC?

  4. @Mike
    For home defense, I use a shotgun: a Mossberg 500. I also have my Springfield as a backup.

    I use hollow-point ammo in the Springfield. I’m looking into getting some frangible ammo, as that would be the safest in terms of protecting from the overpenetration dilemma.

  5. Hi, Amir. I am a lurker on Boundless and found my way here somehow. It sounds like we have a lot in common. Like you, I got a bachelors degree in engineering and am now starting a career in the computer field. (Computer science) I also have libertarian political views.

  6. I agree that this ideal christian man that people pass off as perfect is not really. People are all different. God loved Jacob and hated Esau even though Esau was manly and Jacob wasn’t.

  7. [Right on, Amir. The following piece was seen on the net.]

    USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans

    Is there a connection between beautiful New England and entire American cities turned into smoking rubble? There is.

    Take same-sex marriage. I would have guessed that a “sin” city (San Francisco? Las Vegas?) would have been the first to legalize it.

    Oddly it’s been the place where America started that’s wanted to be the first place to help bring about the end of America and its values! It’s been a Nor’easter of Perversion (helping to fulfill the end time “days of Lot” predicted in Luke 17) that began in (you guessed it) Boston in 2004.

    New England has gone from the Mayflower Compact to the Gay Power Impact, from Providence to decadence, from Bible thumpers to God dumpers, from university to diversity to perversity, and from the land of the Great Awakening to God’s Future Shakening that will make the Boston bombings look like Walden Pond ripples by comparison!

    The same Nor’easter has been spreading south and as far west as Washington State where, after swelling up with pride, Mt. Rainier may wish to celebrate shame-sex marriage by having a blast that Seaddlepated folks can share in lava-land!

    The same Luke 17 prediction is tied to the Book of Revelation which speaks of the cities that God will flatten because of same-sexism – including American cities – a scenario I’ll have to accept since I can’t create my own universe and decree rules for it.

    I’ve just been analyzing the world’s terminal “religion” that has its “god,” its accessories, its “rites,” and even a flag. It’s an obsession that the infected converts are willing to live for, fight for – and even die for!

    Want more facts? Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” and “Government-Approved Illegals.”

    • I hope you’re wrong, but, sadly, the Law of Sowing and Reaping shall not be up for repeal.

      We’ve sown the wind, but we are reaping the whirlwind. Homogamania is a symptom of that.

  8. Hi Amir,

    Would you mind deleting any post on your site referencing my Boundless blog posts? I am no longer associated with them and it appears that the links within your blog to my posts have been redirected.

    Thank you.


  9. Motte: No problem. Will do. Hope to have that done this week.

    And yes, they redesigned their web site, and that effectively wrecked all the links I had.

  10. Thank you for reposting my child’s story on your blog. I just found your blog today. I can’t find the story on here but in google search part of it comes up under Ken ramey and lakeside bible church. Your right you can’t fix stupid. Since we can’t then exposure is the next step!

    • I’ve seen that, and I even agree with a lot of it.

      The problem?

      We need a system that is fair and equitable, and looks at abuses on both sides.

      The women will share their trauma stories. And you know what? They aren’t wrong. I’ve seen enough of these cases to know there’s a problem.

      The men will share their own trauma stories. And you know what? They aren’t wrong either. I’ve seen enough of these cases to know there’s a problem.

      And family courts? It’s evil. Fathers often get their rights stripped from them by judges who lopsidedly go along with women.

      I’ve also, however, seen cases where women who were raped have to give visitation to their rapists who traumatized them. (And yes, courts have upheld this.)

      The problem? We have a justice system that has been hijacked by elements that have no desire for justice.

      And yes, it is Satanic.

        • The short answer: (a) it’s a legitimate threat; (b) social distancing is good; (c) government owes compensation to Americans for the shutdowns, as that amounts to a seizure of private property for public use; (d) government has overstretched beyond all recognition; (e) government regulation hampered the development of tests, when that would have allowed us to get ahead of the problem; (f) as a result of (e), we have been fighting from behind ever since.

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