Welcomes Cubbie

A longtime friend of mine–Cubbie–a practicing attorney who will soon be joining the ranks of United States Patent Examiners, has joined the ranks of authors for He will be blogging on various issues from time to time. I have added a bio page for him.

A fair warning: He is one of the smartest people on two legs. He is capable of talking intelligently about matters from mathematics to chemistry to sports to law to world history.

16 thoughts on “ Welcomes Cubbie

  1. Cubbie,

    Where in Northern Virginia are you going?

    Are you going to be around Fairfax?

    If so, check out Truro Church =) Its on 50 (US or SR, I don’t know, but its one of the major roads going through the heart of Fairfax).

    I’m trying to move up to that area soon, and I absolutely love that church. Was Episcopalian, but its moved in the Anglican direction =p

    Its very traditional (without being to OLD) and has a strong liturgical background 😉

  2. Of course, Cubbie, I know that sound doctrine is better than anything else in a church, and I’d like to assure you that it is very biblically centered, solid and straightforward teaching, no fear of holding out on the “tough stuff”, and several of its pastors head a discipleship and mentoring program with the church (so their passionate on that front).

    My favorite part is that the young adults are actively involved IN the church and not “cloistered” in a seperate church, chapel, or otherwise.

    My family has a pretty unique story concerning Truro and one of the pastors there =) I get to bring the story round full circle as soon as I get up there…lol

  3. Christina: I hear ya. While I’m a Southern Baptist, I’m not married to a particular denomination. I like the liturgical style in a Body that espouses sound doctrine.

    Trouble is most of the Episcopal churches are pretty liberal. There might be some good ones in Kentucky, but I’m not aware of the overall church scene.

    (Most of my experiences have been restricted to the evangelical ranks, so I cannot answer a lot for what goes on in the other denominations. I’m sort of familiar with the PCUSA because a friend of mine–Russ–was a PCUSA minister who led his church to defect to the PCA.)

  4. Amir:

    That Liberal Episcopal thing is probably why nowadays I tend to aim for the Anglican churches. However an Episcopal that went Anglican might have a more relaxed worship style (not resorting to hymns only), but I haven’t spent much time in a straight Anglican church.

    Thing is, the irony of Episcopal churches going Anglican is not lost on me. The structure of Archbishop, bishops, canons, and priests has to do (largely in part) to accountability. Most conservative episcopalians LOVE that about the episcopal church and have a hard time even considering a church removing themselves from the Episcopal communion without putting themselves under another range of accountability (the Anglican church). What gets me, is that both communions are under the same Archbishop…so I don’t know how its gonna make much difference…

    I’m careful not to get too attached to either denomination, as I realize its roots are deeply etched in politics. Though the episcopal churches I have been a part of have had VERY sound doctrine, I know that I can’t expect that to be the norm (in spite of the accountability thing) simply for that reason.

    I still really enjoy the liturgy though =)

  5. Welcome Cubbie!

    My brother-in-law works in the U.S. Patent office in Alexandria! Something to do with IT, not sure exactly what he does=) Not the same area as you I guess…

  6. Christina: I’ve heard of Truro. And Apostles. And The Falls Church (in fact, one of my law school classmates and future colleagues goes there). During law school, I was well acquainted with the mess in ECUSA, since the church I went to was very involved with that issue. That church left ECUSA to join CANA (the Nigerian Anglicans) about two months before the churches I just named. The vote was 171-1. Had I not already moved to Kentucky by that time, it would have been 172-1. 🙂

    Patty: Nope. I’ll be in the chemical/materials engineering area.

  7. Cubbie, my home church just split, though I don’t know which Anglican communion they went with.

    I know Truro is with CANA.

    I keep abreast of it simply because my uncle is an episcopal priest. He’s hard core set against splitting, for some very scriptural and compelling reasons. He thinks there needs to be someone with enough balls within the denomination that places all authority on scripture to keep fighting.

    As he sees it, the people leaving are simply signing the death warrant of American churches =p

    However, he has not let the politics invade his sermons =) Which is refreshing.

  8. Christina: You said the magic word. Balls. That’s what is lacking in the Church. When the pastor gives a limp-wristed queer handshake and says, “Ah luvv you in the Lawwwddd”, all I can think is, “WTF was his wife smoking when she married this idiot???”

  9. Seriously…I just cannot understand how these people check their manhood. Pardon my vernacular, but I get enraged when I see this in churches.

  10. Sorry I’m a bit late in posting, but I want to welcome Cubbie. I look forward to his posts.

    I’m also Anglican and attend one of the CANA churches in Northern Virginia. You may have recently heard that the CANA churches won the first round in a suit filed by the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. However, there’s still a long way to go.

    The local media has, for the most part, sided with TEC, with a small but shrill weekly paper describing the members of The Falls Church as “defectors” who are “occupying” what is supposedly TEC property. Ironically, the weekly’s publisher is a member of the United Church of Christ and not the Episcopal Church.

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